When Should You Seek Infertility Treatment?

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You have wanted a baby for a long time, and it seems as if no matter what you do, nothing works. It can be a frustrating and heartbreaking experience. You feel that empty space in your life, you wonder what else you can do, and maybe you are asking yourself if it is time to seek treatment from a professional. But when is it time to think about making an appointment with Idaho Fertility Center?

As a rule, if you have been trying to conceive for a year, but have not had any success, it is time to talk with a professional. However, there are other factors that may indicate a need to contact Idaho Fertility Center sooner. For example, if you are a woman over 40; or if you are between the ages of 35 and 40 and have been trying to become pregnant for six months or more you should schedule an appointment with us. If you have issues with menstruation, or have dealt with a pelvic disease such as endometriosis, you should talk with us. Previous miscarriages and cancer treatments are also factors in seeking treatment. Men who have had cancer treatments, a family history of infertility, a low sperm count or problems with their prostate or testicles should talk with a professional. Other factors that could affect both genders include age, weight, tobacco and alcohol abuse, and a lack of exercise.

We have only begun to talk about the issues surrounding infertility, and it is important to remember that every person is different. At Idaho Fertility Center, we want to get to know you, and to help you address the source of the problem. If you have struggled with conception, we would love the opportunity to spend some time with you discussing your situation and looking at your options. If you live in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, area, and would like to make an appointment with us, please contact us at 208-529-2019 today.