In-House Ovum Donor Program
Idaho Fertility Center has a fantastic ovum donor program in collaboration with our affiliate practice, Utah Fertility Center.
Because we have a large donor list, you will not have to pay an ovum donor agency cost if you choose one of the donors on our list. You also have the option of choosing a known ovum donor, such as a sister or a friend. Cycle monitoring appointments can be completed at our Idaho location but the egg retrieval appointment must be completed at our Utah location.

When deciding on the most suitable ovum donor for you, our ovum donor coordinator can assist you throughout the entire process. Personalized care is provided when you are going through an ovum donor cycle. Once the ovum donor has been chosen, we will meet with the donor and make sure she is appropriately screened. Our screening procedures include health maintenance testing, infectious disease testing, genetic testing, and psychological counseling. Both you and the ovum donor will have separate psychological evaluations and counseling to address any potential psycho social issues that may occur as a result of third party reproduction. The ovum donor also sign detailed consent forms that relinquish any rights to the eggs, embryos, and offspring.

Ovum Donation for Age-Related Infertility
Donor egg IVF is a viable option for women with age-related infertility, premature ovarian failure, egg factor infertility, women who are carriers of genetic diseases, and women who have had multiple failed cycles of IVF. Success rates are quite high with an ovum donation cycle, often achieving 70% pregnancy rate and 60-65% take home baby rate with a fresh embryo transfer. Most commonly, there are supernumerary embryos that can also later be transferred during a frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET). With a frozen embryo transfer cycle, a typical pregnancy rate is 40-50% success per transfer. Miscarriage rates and genetic risks are minimized because young, healthy eggs are fertilized.

During the ovum donation cycle, the egg donor takes fertility medication to bring about superovulation. Typically, egg donation will produce 15-40 eggs. With standard IVF techniques, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized with the sperm from the recipient couple. We will synchronize your uterine receptivity to the egg donor’s cycle.

Why You Should Choose Ovum Donation Over Adoption
Egg donor IVF offers some possible advantages over adoption. The first being that the egg donor recipient carries the pregnancy and, thereby, remains in control of the prenatal environment. The intended parent can make sure to get excellent prenatal care and avoid alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use. The second benefit is that the child is biologically related to the male partner.

If you are interested in using a donor and would like to learn more, please email us at [email protected].