Identifying Causes

An accurate diagnosis of underlying infertility is essential to successful treatment.  Gathering a complete history and testing for both male and female partners  is typically done to determine any/all fertility issues and problems.  Once those diagnosis’ have been made, options can be discussed and a customized treatment plan can be set.

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Our Fertility Diagnostic and Treatment Services

The initial consultation includes gathering a complete medical history.  Your physician can generally determine a number of things during the consultation, and order additional necessary testing.   Accurate and complete diagnosis leads to treatment plans best suited to overcome the causes.

Male Diagnostics

Male Diagnostics

Fathers play an important part in the genetic makeup of a child. The male partner contributes half of the genetic material to the new offspring by way        of sperm. Testing of the sperm,         called semen analysis, can help        identify existing barriers and      treatment plans can be tailored to overcome those challenges.

Male Fertility Tests

Female Diagnostics

Female Diagnostics

Many essential steps must take place for pregnancy to occur.   Female diagnostic testing can identify causes that may be hindering a woman’s ability to conceive.  Many treatments bypass a number of those steps making conception more likely to occur.   Nearly every cause of infertility can be overcome with treatments available at IFC. 

Female Fertility Tests

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Suffering a single pregnancy loss is difficult; experiencing recurring losses can feel devastating. A number of miscarriages go undiagnosed, but a simple blood test and saline ultrasound of the uterus can help identify a number of potential causes. Chromosome and genetic testing can also be done and provides valuable information.

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Once diagnosis is complete we begin treatment. Each treatment varies based on diagnostics results. There are variety of treatments that we utilize at our clinic in Idaho Falls. Feel free to check out what treatments we offer.

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