What Are My Options for Oncofertility?

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“Oncofertility” is a term coined by Dr. Teresa K. Woodruff that addresses fertility issues resulting from cancer. Undergoing treatment for cancer can have many effects on your body, including your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy. If you plan to undergo chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, our reproductive endocrinologists can help you maintain your future goals of parenthood.

Knowing your reproductive risks and options for fertility treatments allow you to make informed decisions on optimal treatment plans. Fertility complications involving cancer treatment may require one of the following procedures to achieve pregnancy:

– Embryo Freezing: This widely practiced procedure removes mature eggs through in vitro fertilization that are then fertilized with donor sperm. The embryos are frozen and securely stored until your physician has declared successful remission of the cancer and you are ready to attempt pregnancy. The process of freezing embryos takes four to six weeks and can be performed on female patients who have undergone puberty. The involvement of hormone therapy may cause adverse effects for some cancer forms, and is not an optimal procedure for every patient.

– Egg Freezing: You can skip using donor sperm by choosing to have just the eggs frozen. Our team removes the unfertilized eggs and keeps them frozen and secure until you and your physician agree it’s time to take steps toward pregnancy. Egg freezing typically requires two to six weeks. Please keep in mind that the involvement of hormone therapy may rule out this procedure for some cancer patients.

Donor Egg Embryo Transfer: A donor embryo may be needed if you have suffered diminished ovarian function as a result of chemotherapy. Our team fertilizes the embryo using both a donor egg and donor sperm, and then implant it in your uterus.

If a cancer diagnosis or previous cancer treatment has lowered your chances of parenthood, please contact Idaho Fertility Center at 208-529-2019 today. Our cutting-edge treatments and state-of-the-art facility can help you achieve pregnancy with oncofertility in Idaho Falls, Idaho.