New Years Resolutions for Better Health While Boosting Your Chances of Pregnancy

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We’ve finally slid into 2022, and the prospect of a brighter future from new possibilities can be a motivating force behind our goals and resolutions, including fertility. If you are like many who hope to start a family, the new year is an inspiring time to drop old habits by exchanging them for better ones. If you are looking to improve your health and seeking to become pregnant, here are some tips to help you reach them!

-Better health: Being your healthiest is always important, and even more so when you’re trying to conceive. Resolving to follow a healthy, nutritious diet with fresh fruits and vegetables to get essential vitamins and nutrients like folic acid goes a long way to a healthier you and baby. Good health, in general, will help you with all of your day-to-day needs!

-Let’s get physical: Moving more can help you feel better and maintain a healthy body weight no matter what you are doing. It can also support your ongoing efforts to achieve ovulation and the regular hormone production needed to conceive. And it doesn’t have to be a drastic change either; finding a moderate exercise you like doing goes a long way to boosting your odds of conception and feeling better overall.

-Lessen stress levels: Relaxing is important too! We’ve all heard of the effect of stress on the body and mind, and your reproductive health is no different. Carve out some time in your daily schedule to relax or practice mindfulness. Now is the time to start that online yoga or meditation class or write in a gratitude journal. It will help you achieve peace of mind and who doesn’t need more of that?

-Don’t drink: Did you know that hormone dysfunction is one possible side effect of alcohol? There’s no better time to eliminate alcohol from your diet to boost your hormone regulation and support your liver’s job of detoxing your body. Drinking too much is shown to not only hurt your liver and interfere with ovulation, but it also makes your body feel sluggish in general. 

-Stop smoking: A tobacco habit hurts your lungs, oral tissue and your reproductive health to boot. This harmful habit lessens your viable eggs and ages your ovaries. Fortunately, there are cessation programs and products that can help you quit tobacco use in any form.

-Stay positive: If you have been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully up to now, don’t give up. Don’t ignore your feelings, but throw some light onto them by reaching out to those who care about you to keep your inner fire lit. Staying positive can help you see new ways to feel your best and feel better overall.

-Enlist Help: The general rule of thumb for conception is to seek the help of a fertility specialist if you have not achieved conception after trying for a year. In men, this means getting their semen analyzed while for women there are diagnostic tests we can run, involving blood tests, a pap smear, an ultrasound and a basal body temperature test. From there we can develop a treatment plan to help you reach your fertility goals.

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Treating infertility may involve making simple lifestyle changes as listed above or other fertility treatments including hormone treatments, fertility drugs, and minimally invasive surgery. We have an experienced team of board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists at Idaho Fertility Center employing a variety of infertility treatment options in Idaho Falls, Idaho such as the following:

  • Advanced Techniques/ IVF
  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)
  • Gender Selection
  • Genetic Testing
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • IVF Success Rates
  • Fertility Preservation
  • LGBT Family Building
  • Ovulation Induction/IUI
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • Ovulation Induction (Timed Intercourse)
  • Third-Party Reproduction

As you begin the New Year excited about your fertility journey, remember that you are not alone and there are possible options waiting for you. Meanwhile, setting realistic goals and resolutions to boost your physical and mental health is a win-win situation for your body, mind and soul. Call us at 208-529-2019 to learn more about your fertility options!