Wellness and Your Fertility Potential

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Practicing wellness is a vital component of improving your fertility potential for 2020. Our Idaho Fertility Center team has what you need to help you reach your fertility goals. We have helped many families grow, feel hope and achieve their dreams. Our dedicated team is thrilled to assist you by supporting your efforts to focus on your physical and mental well-being as you get one step closer to conception. One of the easier steps you can take to increase your odds of success is by making decisions regarding your lifestyle choices.

Tackle Fertility in 2020 by Making Supportive Resolutions 

Decrease Stress & Increase Zenfulness

Stress is certainly a factor for those trying to conceive.  What you may not realize is that stress levels in individuals or couples who are trying to conceive rivals that of those who are dealing with a life-threatening disease! Unfortunately, stress can often time make you feel alone in your struggle, but you really aren’t alone, and we want you to know that. We recommend finding what soothes your soul and your body. Many women report that regular, gentle exercise helps lower stress levels, whether that is walking, yoga or swimming; daily meditation or even taking relaxing baths to drain stress away. Moderate exercise even without weight loss can have a positive impact on fertility and your overall health.  Do whatever improves your mood and reduces your stress, and you could find your fertility levels get the boost they need.

Balanced Nutrition

Your body needs the building blocks that support your hormones during fertility treatments. Sometimes that makes for a delicate balance to help ensure you are at a healthy weight and lessen your odds of premature birth or miscarriage. Healthy body weight isn’t underweight nor is it obese. Start by consuming whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and rely on healthy proteins and fats that nourish your body. Dietary supplements including a prenatal vitamin with folic acid which may be recommended. Our board-certified reproductive endocrinologists can direct you in developing a balanced, nutritional dietary plan to boost your fertility efforts.

Leave Bad Habits Behind

Now is not the time to stress your mind and body. Cease your nicotine habit for good! To protect your energy levels and overall health and well being, limit or avoid alcohol intake.

Get the Sleep Your Body Needs

Good mental, emotional and physical health relies on getting the sleep quality you need to feel healthy and strong. A good rule of thumb is to aim for seven to nine hours of sleep a night. To help your body wind down, avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. and perform a nightly wind-down routine before turning in. This means relaxing, shutting off your phone/laptop and TV, and keeping regular sleep hours that your body can get used to.

Stay Connected with Your Spouse

It’s important to keep each other’s health and emotional welfare a priority. Stay connected, keep your love life alive and well and remember – you’re in this together!

We hope these measures inspire you to do all you can to elevate your health and well being on your fertility journey. Our Idaho Fertility Center team is pleased to provide comprehensive fertility care in Idaho Falls, Idaho, along with our Utah locations, including Pleasant Grove, Murray, Ogden, and St. George. You are not alone on this important, life-altering journey, and we are ready to help!