PCOS Awareness: Get the Help You Need for This Serious Medical Condition

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For women living with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) life can be challenging. A common medical condition, it can run in your family line and involves an imbalance in your hormones that affects your metabolism and reproductive system. Close to 7 million women around the United States have issues with PCOS. It is responsible for being the major cause of women’s infertility and what is troublesome is that a majority of women don’t even realize they have it!

The good news about POCS is that it is manageable by making simple but impactful lifestyle changes. Losing excess weight through a healthy diet and moderate exercise, taking medications such as birth control to regulate your menstrual cycle or taking diabetes medication can all help.

Since September is PCOS Awareness month, we want to open up a dialogue about this condition and spread the word. If you are looking for help with your infertility issues, the more you know the sooner you can take helpful action to get the relief you need. This serious disorder can result in a host of significant complications that could damage your health.

Signs of PCOS

-Irregular periods
-Excess facial and body hair
-Severe acne
-Small ovarian cysts
-Insulin resistance
-Anxiety and depression
-Weight gain

Do any of the above symptoms apply to you? POCS impacts one in ten women, and if you are one of them, knowing how to treat it can help you regain your health and wellbeing. Also, realizing you aren’t alone is an empowering first step because help is available and you are in good company. Thanks to modern technology and the widespread reach of the Internet, you can talk to people around the world who, like you, are seeking help for POCS and providing a virtual support group to treat the potential health problems that PCOS may involve.

Health Problems

-Type 2 diabetes
-Heart disease
-Liver disease
-Anxiety and depression
-Endometrial cancer

Spreading Awareness
If you are new to PCOS, we welcome you and want to reassure you that you will receive the caring community and resources you will need. And if you know someone who shows the signs of PCOS, let them know that help is available. It is so prevalent that you might well have a family member, friend or acquaintance that could benefit from this PCOS information and network.

Once we know what is happening you can get the treatment necessary to feel your best. Untreated health issues can bring long-term consequences that affect all areas of your life, including anxiety and depression, infertility and cancer. But hormones can be balanced, symptoms can be treated and reversed, and diseases can be managed.

Let’s say you have diabetes because your body is putting out too much insulin and raising your androgens (hormones such as testosterone) and preventing ovulation. Or you have an ongoing low-grade inflammation problem, the androgens can cause problems with your heart and blood vessels. Regulating your hormones can effectively balance your body and address your symptoms.

-If you think you might be experiencing the signs of PCOS, you can take this PCOS quiz to get a beteter idea.

-You can also ready more in-depth about PCOS on our site.

If you want more information about PCOS, our board-certified endocrinologists in Idaho Falls, Idaho, can help. To schedule a consultation, we invite you to give our Idaho Fertility Center team a call at 208-529-2019 today. We hope this information has been helpful, we want to spread the word about PCOS and work with you to make a difference in your life!