June Celebrations: Men’s Health and LGBTQ Pride Month

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June is National Men’s Health Month and LGBTQ Pride Month. Honoring both events can help you better prepare you on your journey to parenthood if you are a gay couple wanting to grow your family, and our Idaho Fertility Center team in Idaho, Falls is proud to support you.

We encourage our male clients to take good care of your overall health, as well as your mental and emotional health. Men’s Health Month is the perfect time to look at how you can develop some healthier habits to boost your general wellness and fertility. We know that men are often busy caring for everyone around them that its easy to neglect their own self-care. By raising awareness we hope to help change that. Preventing and detecting health issues early can result in the most effective treatment, especially when it comes to male problems with depression, heart disease, diabetes, prostate and testicular cancer. This is vital in life-threatening illnesses.

Support LGBTQ Pride

June is also when we raise awareness for the LGBTQ Pride community around the globe. We remember the 1969 Stonewall Riots that took place with members of the gay community responding to a police raid, back when it was illegal to be gay. During June, the impact of LGBTQ people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer, is recognized with the Pride Parade and peaceful protests to shine a light on the issues our LGBTQ community faces every day. Idaho Fertility Center is proud to stand with you!

There are between 2 million and 3.7 million children below age 18 who have an LGBTQ parent with around 200,000 of them being raised by a same-sex couple. Same-sex couples today are increasingly growing their families through assisted reproductive technology and third third-party reproduction involving a gestational carrier, egg donor or sperm donor.

What You Can Do to Support Men’s Health

Men’s Health Month is a good reminder for you to assess your health and find ways to make changes where needed. Do you want to lose excess weight or build muscle mass? Do you want to adopt a healthier diet to support your nutritional needs and cut out sugar and alcohol? Eating healthy is a great way to support your body while boosting your fertility.

-Yearly medical check-ups can help spot and treat problems early. If you have been stressing over a developing health problem, there’s no better time than now to address it! Healthy habits can impact your fertility and libido, improving your sperm count and mobility.

-Carrying excess weight is linked to infertility, so a change in diet can shed the weight and help you feel your best. Even snack choices like walnuts that are antioxidant-rich can support fertility, as can Vitamin D supplements which boost testosterone levels for better sperm motility.

-Exercise helps relieve stress and tension in the body and make you perform better throughout your day while improving your testosterone and fertility.

-Getting enough sleep supports your general well being and mental health. Don’t just work long hours day after day no matter how tempting it is to knock out those projects. Shoot for optimal sleep so you can function better and feel happier so your body stays healthy.

-Stress lessens your sexual satisfaction and throws a wrench in your fertility by releasing the hormone cortisol that lowers your testosterone levels. Stop stress in its path by taking walks out in nature, getting daily exercise, take time to meditate or hang out with friends.

-Curtailing bad habits like alcohol consumption or smoking tobacco can improve your health and testosterone levels for better semen quality.

Healthy Parent, Healthy Baby, Healthy Family

Our Fertility Center team in Idaho Falls, Idaho are here to help you grow the family you want. By taking good care of your health, both physical, mental and emotional you are in the best position to promote conception as an LGBTQ couple. Our team of board-certified endocrinologists, along with our caring staff have the experience, technology, knowledge and dedication you need to achieve your parenthood goals. We invite you to call 208-529-2019 and begin your journey!