Coronavirus Concerns: Our commitment to your health and safety

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March 2022

Effective Wednesday March 2, We will follow the updated CDC guidance on masking. In areas (designated by county) where Covid transmission is low or moderate, masks will be optional in our clinics. In areas where covid transmission is high, masks will be required in our clinics. To find your county, use the CDC search tool


At this moment, all UFC/IFC clinic counties are in the low/moderate transmission. Thus, effective Wednesday, masks will be optional in our clinics.


Unvaccinated, exposed persons will still be expected to isolate. Anyone with covid is still expected to quarantine for a minimum of 5 days and then mask for 5 more. Anyone who is visibly ill with a runny nose, cough etc will be required to mask. Masks will be made available in the clinics for those who need or want them.


Idaho Fertility Center
Deirdre A. Conway, MD
Jason D. Parker, DO