Can Intrauterine Insemination Help Solve Your Fertility Problems?

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When it comes to finding a fertility treatment that is fairly simple and performed with or without the help of fertility drugs, look no further than IUI, or intrauterine insemination. Simply stated, the treatment is done by transferring semen which has been carefully washed and concentrated and then inserted via a catheter into a woman’s uterus.

Inserting the sperm directly into the uterus gives them a greater chance of fertilizing the egg, particularly because they skip the vaginal and cervical barriers and effectively close the distance gap required for fertilization.

Conditions where IUI might work well include unexplained infertility, male infertility, or when ovulation induction (timed intercourse) hasn’t resulted in pregnancy. Other conditions that indicate IUI include an inhospitable environment in the cervical mucus,  if intercourse isn’t feasible because of sexual pain and if using a sperm donor. These are all reasons why you might want to consider intrauterine insemination. However, IUI is not advisable if you have serious endometriosis, have had a past pelvic infection, or have a known  blockage in the fallopian tubes.

When it comes to fertility treatment, IUI is actually a fairly low-risk procedure with little risk of infection. There is a higher potential of conceiving twins, triplets, or more, when fertility medications are used, which is why careful monitoring  by ultrasound is advised.  The success of IUI will depend on your age and the reason for your infertility, but overall you can look forward to a success rate of around 20%, which is about the same rate of success in normal fertilization.

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