Begin your Fertility Journey: What to Expect At Your Infertility Workup

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Today we’re going to cover a little bit about what your basic infertility workup looks like and what you can expect at your consultation appointment with your physician.  You may begin by seeing your physician on day one, but  more commonly, we are scheduling a preliminary appointment with our Physician Assistant.  Regardless, you can expect the focus of your infertility consultation to be on gathering information and evaluating the following.


If you have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive, TTC,  for at least 12 months, you are considered to be among one in eight couples facing infertility. The good news is, you will benefit from a basic evaluation workup that will help pinpoint the contributing factors so a treatment plan can be devised.  

This workup will assess the following:  This is accomplished by looking at what is required for conception to occur and what three things are necessary.

  • Healthy Egg:  Ovulation and ovarian function  
  • Healthy Sperm: Possible male factor issues 
  • Healthy Environment to fertilize and grow:  Tubal and uterine anatomy

New Patient Consultation

Using the workup to invest in efficient and thorough testing is one of the most valuable things you and your partner can do to help you achieve your goal, a healthy baby. We’ll want to compile a detailed history of you both, as well as initiate a physical examination. 

Our Idaho Fertility Center physicians typically recommend a pelvic ultrasound to assess your uterine and ovarian anatomical profile. You can be confident that your ultrasound is a safe and relatively painless method allowing us to detect current abnormalities like uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts. 

We may also screen for the following:

  • Cycle day 2 or 3 blood tests for FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and estradiol levels
  • Testing for anti-Mullerian hormone levels to evaluate egg reserve  
  • Screen for thyroid disorders that might be affecting ovulation and raising the risk of miscarriage 
  • If there is a history of ovulatory dysfunction, we may run additional hormone tests to find the underlying cause and determine treatment.

Additional Testing

Women may also receive another  test — hysterosalpingogram, often abbreviated HSG (or “dye test”) — so we can assess the inside of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. With this test, we’ll be able to find tubal blockage or dilation that might get in the way of being able to conceive. This can also help us look for scarring, fibroids or polyps in the uterus.   

One of our infertility specialists at our Idaho office can administer these tests. Should the findings show an abnormality within the uterus, we can then follow up with additional testing using a sonohysterogram (or “water ultrasound”). This is much like having a pelvic ultrasound so there is no discomfort, and being able to look inside your uterus can better help our infertility specialists find answers to your infertility issues.

Infertility Testing for Men

For men, we will request a semen analysis to determine if there are any male factor issues. This is done by assessing the number of sperm (the sperm count), the motility (how many sperm are swimming forward) and how many sperm are shaped normally (morphology). While you can undergo a semen analysis elsewhere, we have found that it is ideally done at a fertility center as we are more discriminating in the process. 

Men may also have their hormones evaluated through a blood test to screen for any irregularities.

Receive a Personalized Diagnostic and Treatment Care Plan

Rest assured, our compassionate and experienced team of fertility specialists in Idaho Falls, Idaho will help you evaluate and identify barriers contributing to your infertility.  Receive top-quality care in an understanding and informative manner. You will find that our team of Reproductive Endocrinologists at Idaho Fertility Center are dedicated to helping patients receive the individual treatment plan and emotional support needed to make this journey as comfortable as possible.