Are You Trying to Conceive? These Tips May Help

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Conception is a natural ability, but one that can be more challenging for some couples than others. You can improve your ability to conceive a child by implementing a few new lifestyle changes that boost your fertility. We invite you to try the following methods to optimize your health and prime your body for pregnancy:

Preconception Supplements

Prior to conception, you can begin preparing for a healthy pregnancy and baby by taking prenatal vitamins and supplements that contain folate, iron, B6, B12, and Vitamins A and D.

Diet Nutrition

If you are trying to become pregnant, the nutritional value of your everyday food intake may be helping or hampering your efforts. The age-old adage “eating for two” rings true here, and if you haven’t already, we encourage you to begin choosing healthier alternatives to some of your non-nutritional snacks and meal courses, such as swapping out your French fries for a side salad or fresh vegetables.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Your body mass index (BMI) can make conception more difficult if it is higher or lower than it should be. An unhealthy BMI can also increase the risk of pregnancy issues. Please feel free to speak with our fertility specialists about safe and effective methods of weight control to optimize your fertility.

Healthy Sleep Cycles

Melatonin is a fertility-boosting hormone that is produced during sleep, and achieving a healthy and stable sleep cycle enables the proper production of melatonin. If you struggle to sleep well at night, we invite you to try sleeping in total darkness so that artificial lighting from your bedside lamp or smartphone doesn’t decrease your melatonin levels during the night.

Scheduled Intercourse

Penciling intercourse into your calendar may not seem like the most romantic route to conceiving a child, but achieving conception is better accomplished when your body is at its most ready. You are at the peak of fertility from five days preceding ovulation to the day after. However, if daily intercourse is incompatible with your busy schedule, the last two or three days of your fertility window are the best time to plan some alone time with your partner.

Addressing Medical Issues

An undiagnosed medical condition can be impeding your chances of becoming pregnant without you even realizing it. If you feel ready to conceive, we invite you to schedule an appointment with your primary doctor to be screened for pre-diabetes, asthma, a sluggish thyroid, high blood pressure, and any other health conditions that can block conception.

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