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Embryo Donation

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Embryo Donation Program

Thank you for your interest in the embryo donation program. We look forward to helping you build your family.  Embryo donation means that a couple who previously went through in vitro fertilization to create embryos, has a surplus of cryopreserved embryos they have chosen not to use, and have opted to donate these embryos to another couple or individual.  These embryos are most often embryos that have grown in culture for 5 days, otherwise known as ‘blastocysts’, and are transferred to the hormonally prepared uterus of the recipient.  This allows a disposition for these embryos, the recipient couple to experience pregnancy, and for them have more control over the prenatal environment.  Both donors and recipients understand that the recipient couple will be the parents of and raise any children that may be born.  Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions and information about our program.

What is the wait time for embryos through your program?

Our embryo donation program is coordinated through our Utah office, however most steps of the process can be done locally in Idaho. The wait time can vary depending upon the availability of embryos.  Be sure to have your name added to our list if you are considering our embryo donation program.  We hope your wait time will be as minimal as possible.

How do I get added to the wait list?

To get added to our list you need to be an established patient.  If this hasn’t happened yet, please call to schedule a new patient consult with one of our physicians.  After your first appointment, your name will be added to the wait list.  If you are already an established patient, please ask your coordinator or physician for more information on how to reach our embryo donation coordinator to be placed on the list.  She can also be reached directly through our Utah office at 801-785-5100, extension 3714.

What is the cost of embryo donation?

Embryo Donation is significantly more cost effective than going through the entire process of IVF. Because we are using embryos that have already been created, fees associated are merely in preparation for the embryo transfer. This is an attractive option for some couples looking for alternatives.

How are the embryos screened and made available?

Before becoming eligible to donate, we screen all of our embryos per FDA standards. This means that each partner of the donating couple undergoes thorough infectious disease screening to ensure your safety, prior to embryos being linked with recipients.  Once this process is complete and embryos become available, you will receive a profile with a health history and basic information about the donors.  You will also receive specifics on how many embryos are available, and the embryo quality.  You will have 7 days to review this information and decide if you want to move forward with any given set of embryos.

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