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Idaho Falls Couple Expecting Twins After In Vitro Fertilization


A couple in Idaho Falls is expecting twins after going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) at the first fertility clinic in eastern Idaho.

In January, Emily and Luke Hawkins shared their story with us about their difficulties getting pregnant. They had already tried IVF at a fertility clinic in Utah and after their treatment here they are expecting twin girls.

“We are so excited,” said Emily. The pair already has three boys from Luke’s previous relationship.

“I think about two thirds of what we do is medical and probably one third is a little bit of therapy just encouraging people even if they’re struggling,” said Dr. Dierdre Conway, reproductive endocrinologist with the Idaho Fertility Center. Conway says her lab has seen a huge success rate of about 75% in both the Utah and Idaho centers.

The Idaho Fertility Center is also sponsoring a 5K race on July 30th. Participants can enter a contest to win a free IVF cycle. Click here for more information.

Interview/Video: First locally done In Vitro fertilization successful
By: Alasyn Zimmerman
For: Local News 8